Fracarro 3DG-FLEX 3D-2T2-2T/C 2Mux 2CI op=op

174-862MHz, DVB-T2, DVB-T, DVB-C, 2x TV inputs
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Fracarro 283159 3DG-FLEX 3D-2T2-2T/C 2Mux 2CI

Fracarro’s twin DVB T2/T/C CI - DVBT/C, part of the 3DGFLEX range that enables you to simultaneously receive programs from up to 3 different HD or SD sources (two independent DVB-T2/DVB-T or DVB-C tuners and one transport stream available through the back panel) from an aerial or cable network.

Generating 2 “ad-Hoc” muxes it gives the installer the flexibility to choose the contents to be distributed. Full management of parameters for both DTT muxes and individual programs (LCN, SID, PDSD, NIT, …).The smart cabinet is capable of powering and programming up to 6 individual modules.

The agile output allows you to select your required standard in either DVB-T or DVB-C via the built in software

Main Specifications (*)

  • Twin Philosophy: 2 DVB-T2/DVB-T or DVB-C input, 2 independent DVB-T/DVB-C outputs, 2 Common Interfaces.
  • “Mux-ad-Hoc”: you can create a mux with the chosen programs from up to 3 different sources (two independent RF inputs and from the back panel) and manage all the descriptor parameters of each mux (ONID, TSID, NetID,…) and each program inside the mux (LCN, SID, PID, Program name..).
  • Back panel loop-through of signals from previous modules.
  • ARP 2.0 = Automatic Recovery Procedure to protect the highest priority programs, guaranteeing continuity of service should a bit rate overflow occur. All the programs are sequentially restored as the global bit rate returns to within typical system parameters.
  • AUTO REMAPPING function: you can change a program in real time within the generated mux without the need to retune all the TV sets in the system.
  • Automatic DVB-T2/DVB-T digital terrestrial input demodulation tuning.
  • DVB-T2/DVB-T or DVB-C RF input tuning demodulation can be selected during the setup
  • DVB-T/DVB-C agile output modulation standard can be selected via the built-in software: one product fits any coaxial network distribution.
  • WEB interface included in each module; basic setup available using the built in control panel.
  • Remote management to monitor and edit the set up of the headend remotely if required.
  • USB Port to upload/download pre-configured settings or to upgrade the firmware.

(*) Definitive specifications may change without notice

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